Research-based trials and experiments with scientific models, generative code and visual-programming.

Δ Bunker, underground development.


We’re always keen to explore, develop and prototype unique ideas.

Creative TechnologyVisual Programming
3D ModelingGenerative Environments
Creative CodeSound Design

3D Modeling

Adam Audio, the pinnacle of sound design monitors. Revealed in all their glory.


Immersive data plots that create beautiful forms, make visualisations more approachable.


From inception, we consider sound as an intrinsic element, usually scored with Ableton Live.

3D data plots created within a node-based generative programming environment.


Interactive playfully activations.


We construct simulations and render situations, to learn from them.


— Ideas seldom come sat at a desk. By staying curious, we increase our serendipity.


— Process is a measurement of time & not a guarantee of incremental growth.


— Including unorthodox ideas is how we progress. These are fragile entities, so be gentle.


Collate knowledge across a wide spectrum of non-connected sources and discover parallels, patterns and values – where others see chaos.


How do we feel about the promise of tech in our lives? When and where should it fit us best? Is it moving and functional or static and personal?


Create beneficial connections with interfaces that feel tangible, real and relevant. Less a distraction, more fundamental, to our daily tasks.

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