The following are suggested ways to begin. We typically start in the middle, with your current status. The aim is to create a new (lens) to view the day-to-day. Therefore recognising opportunities, when they present themselves.

Δ High altitude, strategically friendly.

1 Clusters

Seeing things differently, allows for new alignments to be forged. These patterns come from apparently nowhere, yet magically align and fit in your new somewhere.

2 Compounds

What do we put inside our new framework? The best bits of course. Focus on what is crucial for this new viewpoint. Systematic progression, substantiates positive growth.

3 Formulae

Declare assumptions first, as this leaves the richest pickings to formulate your hypothesis. Position these new ways of behaviour with customers, to see which resonates most.


We’re always keen to explore, develop and prototype unique ideas.

Brand ResearchSpace Definition
Data ScienceMachine Learning
Opportunity EngineSimulation


We use data-inspired node-based visualisation, to discover insight.


We take our first fundamental steps, along these three pillars:


— Our starting point for further investigation.


— What values do we seek and from where?


— Define a clear direction for the project and team.


Examples of previous projects:

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