Constant change surrounds us. How do we keep up, stay lean and get ahead?
This requires new methods of movement, adapting to change with thoughtfulness and considered feelings.

Δ Mid altitude, cloud-based.

4 Forethought

Gut reactions are based on e~motion. Thought chemistry, if you like. Pre-conscious decisions echo our tastes and can be suspended or adopted. Trust them, but don’t bust a gut.

5 Progression

We’re right here and we’re today. Resist what is over there. Temptation is part of change. These are two sets, that don’t match. Pick the best of both and take the first step forward…

6 Impression

After departing, how have we moved things on? Did we clearly express our notions and thoughts? Let us focus on the points quickly, by being poignant and relevant.


We’re always keen to explore, develop and prototype unique ideas.

StoryboardingMotion Graphics
3D ModelingReal-time Environments
Augmented RealitySound Design


We develop rapid prototypes and share our concepts, with new audiences.


We construct simulations and render situations, in real-world scenarios.


— How did the audience react to these? What can we learn?


— How much did their environment influence?


— How can we make it better and streamline the process?


Examples of previous projects:

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